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Introduction to our office

If you have plans to move, it is often advisable to know what a target price is at which you can sell (or rent) your current home. Contact us for a no-obligation valuation of your property.


We will visit you

We will come on site to carry out a detailed valuation of your home. We take some reference photos (for internal use) and we also measure all areas of your home. We then prepare a detailed expertise report and then enter all parameters into our system.


Determine the sales price

We physically invite you to our office when it suits you to explain and hand over our expertise report personally and in a friendly atmosphere. You will gain additional insights (including lead time) in our large database of comparable properties that we recently sold or rented. We will inform you in complete transparency about our working method and discuss any possible cooperation modalities.


As a customer, you are our focus

We respect your decision time whether you wish to continue with your moving plans. Moving plans are not obvious, and you naturally decide on this at your own pace. When you decide to enter into the collaboration model with Immo Vermast, we will immediately start the further administrative inventory of your sales or rental file.


Inventory of your complete real estate file

We guide you through all administration, legal obligations and certificates, and we compile the complete urban planning information. If not available, we organize the electrical inspection report, asbestos inventory and EPC(+) certificate through our partners.


A unique approach

Given our years of expertise, we at Immo Vermast know that every home is unique. Your home always deserves a unique approach. We appoint a professional photographer who captures the beauty and unique character of your home. We share all photos taken with you and decide together which photos will be used for advertising purposes.


Potential buyers or tenants

After your complete file has been compiled, we draw up a list of potential buyers or tenants from our customer base of more than 8,000 customers who meet the criteria for your home. By sending targeted mailings and calling potential candidates by telephone, we will not wait for a candidate to inquire about a property, but will actively approach them ourselves. If you have given us permission to do so, we will also place your home on the most important media channels.


Visiting days

We schedule a personal visit for each candidate during which we show them the home. We accompany them throughout the home at all times and always use a commercial approach. At the end of the visit, each candidate receives a personalized folder with the most important documents of your home.


Analysis of the different applications

Offer forms in the case of sale, and applications in the case of rental. We always check the creditworthiness of the prospective buyer or tenant. We then present you with all offers in complete transparency. You always remain free to choose whether or not to accept an offer.


The compromise (or rental agreement)

The compromise (or rental agreement) is drawn up by us in close consultation with the notary of your choice. You can count on us to check all elements in this compromise (or rental agreement) with you and to read them ourselves. We guide you through the legal clauses of such an agreement. In this way we protect you at all times from any risks or loopholes.


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